Why I Created Franchise Rising

Ever since I began my undergraduate studies, I have had a mission to impact the world positively through business. When something’s broken, there's almost always an opportunity. This mindset has helped shaped my entrepreneurial mindset, in addition to the path to forming Franchise Rising.

Six years ago, I started a business helping companies attract more qualified leads to their website and significantly increase their close rates. During this time, I was made aware of a significant challenge facing the franchise world.

For franchisors, the lead acquisition process is extremely expensive and often unsuccessful. Thus, the process of growing a brand, particularly for emerging franchisors, can be an uphill battle.

On the other side of the coin, entrepreneurs, or "franchise candidates" looking to purchase a franchise, do not know where to turn. Filling out "inquiry forms" on franchise information websites often results in a bombardment of irrelevant, automated emails.

While opportunity sites gave some opportunity for candidates to get in touch with franchisors, they were lacking the objective, educational resources required to help a candidate make an informed business decision.

That's where Franchise Rising comes in. 

My goal with Franchise Rising is to compile honest insights from experts in the franchise world and present them to you. If you are looking to buy a pet or any other franchise, these resources will empower you to confidently move forward along your franchise investment journey.

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Erin Carpenter


Erin is the Founder of Franchise Rising and CEO of Hidden Peak Interactive. She started the company in 2010 with a vision to transform the antiquated and ineffective ways that many businesses market themselves. Erin’s background in multiple disciplines, from Digital Marketing, to Finance, to Operations and Aviation, enables her to think strategically about how marketing fits into the big picture of driving revenues for businesses.