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Brands Women Love
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From Assistant in Corporate to Club Pilates Franchisee - Episode 2

Erin Carpenter
Mar 15, 2018 6:31:09 PM

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Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk in a corporate office, dreaming about more dynamic, exciting job opportunities and wondering whether you have what it takes to try one? Meet Brianna Boos, owner of two (and soon three!) Club Pilates studios in Southern California.

Bri shares her story in the second episode of the Franchise Rising Podcast, sharing how she made the transition from assistant in a corporate office to the proud owner of two (and soon three!) Club Pilates studios in Southern California.

There’s Got to Be More to Life than Sitting Behind a Desk

bri-pilates-studio.jpgWith her degree in Health & Exercise Science from Colorado State University, Bri was ready for a professional challenge. Her career started behind the front desk of a physical therapy office, and then she took a job as the assistant to two financial advisors. It was fun! They men she worked with were her friends, and it was overall a great work environment. But, Bri felt that she needed more out of her job - she just wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted or how to get it at that moment.

After a trip to Mexico with some friends who own Club Pilates studios in Orange County, it all became clear. When Bri sat down at her desk that next Monday morning, she knew she had to leave and pursue buying her own Club Pilates studio. “I knew the life I wanted, and this was the way I was going to get it - through Club Pilates,” she said.

Bri was already working on the side as a pilates instructor, but had no business ownership experience. How could she know whether she was cut out for it?

To Buy or Not to Buy: The Deciding Factors

FR - Fitness Image.pngThere were several factors that helped Bri make her decision to move forward with buying into the Club Pilates franchise. First, the support of her husband, Chris, was critical. An entrepreneur himself, he understood the highs and lows of business ownership and supported Bri’s decision to follow her passion. His support made her decision much easier.

One of her decision points involved deciding where her studios should be located. They needed to be convenient for her so she could be there regularly and get there quickly in case of emergency. But, they also needed to be close to each other so the locations could share staff. Like many franchises, Club Pilates supported her throughout the decision-making process to find the location that would be best for her.

Another consideration was finances. How much does it cost to buy a Club Pilates studio, and could they really afford it? Bri was in a bit of a unique situation since she bought two pre-existing locations from Club Pilates corporate, so she didn’t have to pay all of the fees associated with starting a new location. Still, buying a franchise is a major investment, and Bri was able to finance it with an SBA loan. 

Once she got the loan, the deal was done - Bri was now the proud owner of Club Pilates’ Morena and Liberty Station studios.

What is it Really Like to own a Club Pilates Studio?

pilates-bri.jpgBri couldn’t believe how quickly the transition happened - one day she was an assistant, and the next she was a business owner. Bri already knew a bit about how Club Pilates worked from her experience as an instructor, but there was still a steep learning curve.

Bri attended corporate training to learn the basics of running the business, and was connected with marketing experts to help spread the word about her studios to potential clients. She has a marketing budget set by corporate, so she doesn’t need to worry about whether she’s spending too little or too much on her efforts, and the number of leads and clients has exploded since she started working with the recommended marketers.

Of course there are tough days. Aren’t there always? But, for Bri it has all been worth it. “It was a roller coaster of highs to lows to get here, and in this moment I love where I’m at,” she told us.

In fact, it’s been such a positive experience that Bri is in the process of looking for a third location. In the episode, Bri brings up a saying that gets tossed around by franchise veterans about making the jump from 2 to 3 locations - that three is a magic number - once you own three, you get into a rhythm and all the pieces come together. We’ll have to keep an eye on Bri’s progress to see if this is really true! 

Bri is a true inspiration for any woman sitting behind a desk, feeling like she’s destined for more. It takes time and hard work, but she’s found franchising to be a rewarding path and wouldn’t trade it for anything. “I am stoked on this life outside of the corporate office,” she said, “It is everything I have ever wanted and  love it.”

Hear her full story in Episode 2 of the Franchise Rising Podcast.

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