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Brands Women Love
Get Honest Answers

Launching a Premier Home Health Brand - Episode 3

Erin Carpenter
Mar 15, 2018 6:47:39 PM

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Ever wondered what it would be like to be a hands-on business owner and author of two books, while managing family responsibilities as a wife and mother? Lia Smith, founder and CEO of A Better Solution in Home Care shares her secrets to success, explaining how she’s able to find balance while growing her emerging brand.

The Business: A Better Home Solution in Home Care

a4399c9c-c50e-4bcf-bba6-d31f2b6489ff.pngLia Smith has always been a self-starter, living by the motto “rise and grind,” so it’s not surprising she decided to become an entrepreneur. She spent over 20 years in the nursing and home health, learning the industry inside and out, before making the jump and starting her own business, A Better Home Solution in Home Care.

The business has seen major growth since it’s beginning 17 years ago. It’s now a franchise with that is projected to double in size by mid-2018!

A Better Home Solution in Home Care’s mission is, “to provide the highest quality of professional caregiving and nursing services to individuals and families in need of assistance in the environment of their choice,” and it’s certainly filling a need.

The U.S. has its largest population of people over 65 than ever before, and these baby boomers want to have a say in how and where they’re being cared for.

The business offers everything from maid services and transportation to care from a licensed LVN or RN.

Why is a Home Care Franchise a Good Fit for Women?

elder care.pngLike most franchisors, it didn’t take Lia long to discover that successful franchising is all about fit.

While many prospective franchisees are in the mindset that they’re shopping around for opportunities, Lia sees it differently - she has many people coming to her expressing interest, and only wants to work with those who she knows will be successful.

When you step back and think about it, it really makes sense. The franchisor’s and brand’s reputations are dependent on the success of their franchisees. Plus, they are investing a significant amount of money into each franchisee. Sure, a new franchisee pays the franchise fee, royalties, etc., but the franchisor is investing their time and money into professional development and support for you. If someone isn’t the right fit, those resources have been wasted. 

So, fit is essential, and Lia has found that women are often a good fit for home health franchises like her own. There are several reasons:

  • Women are natural nurturers and caregivers. It may sound stereotypical or even outdated, but it’s often true. Think of the women you know who go to work all day then come home, cook dinner, and care for their families. Many women have an amazing ability to put others before themselves, and this investment in the well being of others translates well into the home health industry.
  • Women are relationship-builders. Many women seek meaningful connection with others, which is an essential skill in this industry. The success on your business rests on you ability to close customers, which in this case happens when you build meaningful relationships with people. No one WANTS home care - they often get home care because it’s a requirement to leave the hospital. If you’re able to build a connection and relationship with the hospital, they’ll refer families to your business. 

Another appeal to many women is the flexibility this business offers. You have a choice between opening a brick and mortar office or starting out by working from home. You have a choice in how much time you will to put into building your business. But, Lia warns that this is not a good opportunity for people seeking to put in minimal work - people in need still need help during the weekends, holidays, and in the middle of the night, so the ideal candidate is generally willing to work anytime, anywhere.

So, who is the best fit for a home care franchise like A Better Solution in Home Care? “If you love relationships, if you like building your community and building a meaningful business, this is for you,” Lia says.

What Support Can Franchisees Expect from A Better Solution in Home Care?

healthcare doctor nurse homecare.pngIf you’ve been researching or in the world of franchising, you’ve almost certainly heard someone tout the benefits of “being in business for yourself, not by yourself.” The support you receive as a franchisee can make all the difference in your business’ success, and is what makes it a much easier road than trying to start a business from scratch.

Since Lia is such a hands-on owner, she’s developed a very strong support system for her franchisees. Once someone’s bought a franchise, they’ll undergo training in Southern California. They’ll go home that weekend, then come back for even more training. Lia’s goal is that the franchisee will have at least one new client by the second week of training, and she and her team do everything they can to help franchisees reach this milestone.

Another unique support is 24 hour call support. Many people choose to buy into this franchise with a partner (either a spouse or business partner), but there are those who go into business themselves. If you go in as an individual, you’ll need call support - if you’re on the phone with a client or employee and someone else is trying to reach you to hire your services, you need to be able to answer that call. A Better Solution in Home Care has 24-hour staff dedicated to answering these calls when you’re unable to get to them. 

Like most franchisors, Lia and her team are fully committed to the success of their franchisees. But, Lia takes it  one step further, saying “This isn’t a career. This is a life choice and a life change. It’s going to build you as an entrepreneur, and we want to be a part of it.” Interested in learning more about franchising opportunities with A Better Solution in Home Care? Take a look at their website for details.

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