New to Franchising?

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If you are venturing into the world of franchise and seriously considering owning your own, you are likely inundated with information and outside advice. Everyone knows someone who owns or has considered owning a franchise at one point in their lives. Like with many new ventures, you probably are finding that you don't know what you don't know. The adventure is like peeling back layers of an onion... vast resources are available and it's difficult to discern between what is and is not relevant.

Hopefully, the following list of topics will help you cut to the chase and address the questions you have during this stage of the game. We created a series of articles to address what many people in your shoes are curious to know before delving into franchise ownership.


  • What level of support should you expect from a franchise?
  • Every franchise industry has its challenges. Here are some of the common problems you might find with franchises.
  • Why do franchises fail?
  • What are the different styles of management? Which would you recommend?