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Brands Women Love
Get Honest Answers
Brands Women Love
Get Honest Answers

The Franchise Rising Podcast

The Franchise Rising podcast supports the mission of Franchise Rising, which is to support and educate current and prospective female franchisees. The show features a mix of stories from current franchisees, strategic advice from experts, and interviews with select franchisors.

Notable Guests & Brands Featured:

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 5 Rockstar Questions You Need to Ask When Becoming a Franchisee
5 Rockstar Questions You Need to Ask When Becoming a Franchisee
Angela Coté
Exiting Corporate, Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, and Juggling it All
Exiting Corporate, Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs, and Juggling it All
Lisane Basquiat
Why Your Franchise Needs Sales Systems and Processes
Why Your Franchise Needs Sales Systems and Processes
Violet Rainwater

Popular Episodes

Stay tuned for new episodes launching this November!

Are you subscribed to this podcast for women looking into buying a business, franchise or other? Erin Carpenter, the host, is exposing the true stories in the field and what to look out for.  

- Denise Kelly, Franchise Consultant & Success Activator

Great perspectives from women in all aspects of franchising. A must-listen for any woman (or even man!) thinking about owning or investing in a franchise concept.

- PJ226, iTunes Review

Very inspirational! No doubt this will help so many people looking to take flight in a new opportunity.

- Carmen Chavez de Hesse, Founder of Echo Growth Strategies

There really is not much out there for women in franchising, so I am anxious to get through the rest of your shows! I would love to hear more about profitability in franchising. I know that is dependent on a lot of factors, but I believe I can be more successful owning my business vs. working in corporate America.

- Listener, Prospective CycleBar Franchisee

My first podcast! Thanks to Erin Holmes Carpenter of Franchise Rising for interviewing me. I hope that my story can help reassure and inspire others seeking a professional re-invention.

- Debbie Lou, College Nannies, Sitters + Tutors Franchisee

Some of the Hot Topics We Cover

How to Buy a Franchise

Every brand is different so the specifics will vary, but the process of buying a franchise typically follows the same four steps
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Why Do Women Join Franchises?

What’s driving your path to franchise ownership or investment? For many women, it’s one of these six factors.
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Social Media for Franchisees

Social media isn't an option... it's a MUST for any franchise owner. Here's how to get started.
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The DNA of a Franchisee 

There are 10 qualities the most successful franchisees share, no matter the brand.
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From Stay-at-Home-Mom to Business Owner

Thinking of re-entering the workforce as an entrepreneur after taking time off to raise your kids?
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Different Paths to Franchise Ownership

There are so many paths within the world of franchising. Which is right for you? 
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Rich Documentation

We basically documented everything, so you can easily build new templates and sections.
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Do It Yourself

Build, manage, grow or re-design your website on your own, without coding skills or external help. That's power!
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Free Sample

Get a taste of Act2 with these free sample templates on the HubSpot Marketplace.
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And We're Just Getting Started...

The feedback from listeners in our first couple of seasons has been so positive that we're gearing up to bring you more. Click subscribe if you'd like to get notified in your inbox when new episodes come out.